Public Safety Representative

Cheryl Schmidt

As a stay-at-home mother and a former middle school teacher, I believe our community’s top priority is public safety. We want our homes to be free of property crime, streets to be safe to drive, public spaces (parks & library) to be safe and clean places to take our kids, & local businesses to survive and thrive. We need to work alongside our local Foothill Police Department to find ways of decreasing crime in our neighborhoods, especially now that City Hall is actively working against our interests. Instead of giving Sunland-Tujunga a stronger police presence, the City is defunding LAPD and making it almost impossible to prosecute criminals. I will speak up for our overlooked community. I was a parent volunteer at Apperson Elementary for 6 yrs and I understand the needs of our schools. I look forward to being a community partner with our S-T schools. As your Region 4 Rep, I will listen to your concerns, connect you to helpful resources, & be a voice for all people.

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