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The STNC has declared two board seats vacant

Posted on 10/27/19
At the STNC Board meeting held on October 9, 2019 the Sunland-Tujunga NC  declared two board seats vacant.
Stakeholder Group
Term: 2 Years
2 vacancies 10-9-19
Article V - Governing Board
Section 1. B.

There are two seats to be filled in this category to serve for the remainder of the 2- year term that started in May 2019.

There are two Stakeholder Group Representative seats vacant:

Stakeholder Group Representatives
Seven (7) Stakeholder Group Representatives shall be elected at large. These Representatives shall be elected from the pool of community stakeholders representing business and educational, faith-based, and community, service, youth, and special-interest organizations located in the community or meeting regularly in the community.

To fill the seat the following Requirements must be met:
Attachment B
Governing Board Structure
Eligibility to Run for the Seat
Stakeholders who live within the STNC boundaries and who are 18 years old and part of an organization which has a facility and/or holds monthly meetings within the boundaries of the STNC, and the Stakeholder Group Representative regularly attends meetings at the branch of the organization.
The above (non-bolded text) are directly from the STNC Bylaws 08012018

If you wish to be considered to be appointed by the board, you can apply for a seat by submitting your insterest statement and contact information at the next STNC Executive Committee meeting on Oct. 30 or no later than 6 p.m. on Tuesday, November 12.   Attending the STNC Executive Committee meeting on October 30 is not a requirement but is recommended as it is an opportunity to ask about the position, how to apply and responsibilities of the board and meeting requirements.  Kindly submit your interest statement to [email protected]

For more information please see STNC Bylaws and Standing Rules link on the front page of this website.
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