Recording Secretary

Karen Moran

Sunland Tujunga is a secret gem.  The mountains are beautiful, but it is the people who live here who make it special.  I am a 23 year resident, semi-retired at Jet Propulsion Laboratory where I worked as an engineer for 40 years, and very involved in my church.   As Recording Secretary, I hope to support the outstanding STNC volunteers that comprise the STNC Neighborhood Council; they are volunteers committed to the welfare of our community and helping to ensure that our residents have a voice in the City of Los Angeles.  We have pressing issues that we need to address with the help of the City - public safety that encompasses evacuation routes, homeless issues, crime and traffic, and building more high-density apartments are some.  Your voice, as citizens of STNC, is important, and if you can serve in any capacity in the STNC Neighborhood Council, you are very much needed. 

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