Lydia Grant

As President of the STNC, I will be implementing new ideas with the help of the Board and community. My involvement as a Los Angeles City Commissioner (BONC) over seeing 95 Neighborhood Councils, attending their meetings, events and creating city-wide policy for the NC’s uniquely qualifies me to bring these new ideas and structure to the Neighborhood Council. This will help us outreach and run smoother, more effective meetings. We will be hosting monthly town halls with City Departments to answer your questions and bring their programs directly to you. I am hoping to train new Board members and motivate the community to get more involved. My track record on voting is clear and consistent. I support our LAPD and our Emergency Responders. I believe laws should be followed and enforced. Traffic issues, illegal dumping, crime, the homeless and protecting the character of our beautiful community are very important to me.

Committees:  Outreach, Community Improvement

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