WANTED: Homelessness Liaison Representing the STNC

Posted on 04/19/2024

As the City of Los Angeles works to address homelessness, Neighborhood Councils (NC’s) are effective advocates and partners in this effort. NC’s can utilize their power and join in efforts addressing homelessness through appointing a Homelessness Liaison (HL) for their NC. HL’s will be vital in serving as community representatives to move the needle on homelessness efforts. The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment supports HLs by fostering collaboration and information sharing among other City Departments, agencies and organizations engaged in enhancing government responsiveness to local outreach needs. To understand your role and commitment as a HL, please review the Department's updated Role of the Neighborhood Council Homelessness Liaison.
Unless the Bylaws or Standing Rules state otherwise,  HL’s are selected, with board approval required by the Neighborhood Council.

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