Notice of STNC Board Vacancy - Region 4 Representative

Posted on 04/01/2024

Notice of Board Vacancy -- Region 4 Representative

  1. Notice of Board Vacancy:  Region 4 Representative - South of Foothill Blvd. between Sunland Blvd. on the west & Tujunga Canyon on the east. Geographical Representatives shall represent the interests of the stakeholders within their region. Geographical Representatives shall maintain lines of communication with the various neighborhoods, businesses, and other organizations operating within their districts. Geographical Representatives shall actively outreach to stakeholder groups and individuals within their regions. One (1) Geographical Representative from each region shall attend all Outreach Committee meetings. Region boundaries shall be based upon population density, distinct neighborhoods and geographical size within the community, and distribution of diverse populations and interests. It is expected that region boundaries may need to be changed over time, and that these changes will be made by means of bylaws amendments. 

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