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Neighborhood Council Awareness and Engagement

Posted on 11/03/21

NC Awareness and Engagement
Take our surveys on NC awareness and Department performance! The Department of Neighborhood
Empowerment has two surveys active during the month of October which are being shared with
Neighborhood Council members. Please keep an eye out for both of these, as we would love to hear your
thoughts and concerns.

NC Awareness & Engagement Survey for Angelenos Citywide
The second survey is for both NC members and the public: our Neighborhood Council Awareness &
Engagement Survey, being shared by email to about 1.2 million Angelenos Citywide.

The questions measure awareness of - and participation in - the LA Neighborhood Council system, and also ask
respondents to share their top local issues and concerns. This survey is being conducted in partnership with
leading LA social research firm Evitarus.

All current Neighborhood Council board members should receive an invite to take this survey to their
authorized email address used for NC business. Invites started going out on October 6th with the subject line,
“City of LA Neighborhood Council Awareness & Engagement Survey – Please Share Your Opinion.”
If you didn’t receive your copy, please request one by filling out this form:

Once the survey is complete, the data will be made available to you and your NC, to help you plan your
community outreach efforts.

We are continuing our outreach efforts for general awareness and partnering with Community Based
Organizations to do general awareness outreach. We are partnering with organizations such as Valley Inter-
Community Council, Harbor Interfaith, Koreatown Youth Community Center, and Central City Neighborhood
Partners. These CBOs will help us with general NC awareness, filling board vacancies, and increasing
committee membership.

In addition, we will be working on two efforts to promote Neighborhood Council awareness: a promotional
video produced in partnership with LA CityView Channel 35, and a social media ad series. Some of the social
media ads will poll users Citywide regarding top issues of concern to the communities NCs serve. Other ads
will be targeted to recruit applicants to fill board seat vacancies. Results will be shared with Neighborhood
Councils to help inform their outreach efforts.

Please take a look at our website and our “Get Involved” page. This is a page where stakeholders can sign up
to get more information on participating in neighborhood councils.

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