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Posted on 03/25/20

Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 25, 2020) - During this unprecedented time in which COVID-19 is altering daily routines, everyone must act out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of all.

At the Los Angeles City Department of Public Works, many of our employees are now telecommuting for their safety and the safety of others.  However, most critical services continue to be provided on a daily basis:

  • Trash is collected seven days a week
  • Sewers and catch basins are being maintained and cleared
  • Street lights are repaired to ensure illuminated streets
  • Copper wire theft incidents are being repaired
  • Alleged violations of paid sick leave and minimum wage are investigated and resolved
  • Project Labor Agreement (PLA) covered construction projects continue to hire local residents, including apprentices and transitional workers
  • Proposition HHH-PLA covered affordable housing construction projects remain on schedule
  • Construction workers continue to be restituted with entitled prevailing wages
  • Utility companies continue to construct and maintain their systems in city streets
  • Street sweepers keep their routes and work around parked vehicles
  • A Bridge Home shelters are being built on schedule
  • Trees are being trimmed
  • Streets are being resurfaced and sidewalks repaired for safe passage
  • Graffiti removal continues 
The Los Angeles City Department of Public Works remains dedicated to the public safety and health of all Angelenos, from our customers to our employees, and we appreciate your continued support and understanding.

City of Los Angeles
Mayor’s Office - Coronavirus Page - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Stay updated on Mayor Garcetti’s executive orders and other updates at or on Twitter @MayorofLA

Department of Public Works
To provide safety for our Public Works field staff, masks have been provided for our homeless clean up and shower/mobile pit crews, which are also distributing hand sanitizer, blankets, socks and soap.
Cleaning has been increased at bus benches and transit shelters.
Bureau of Contract Administration:
Walk-in consultations are suspended until further notice.
For help or information, please contact:
Business Inclusion Section (BIS) - [email protected]
Certification - [email protected]
Equal Employment Opportunity Enforcement (EEOE) - [email protected]
Labor Compliance - [email protected]
Office of Wage Standards - [email protected]

Bureau of Engineering:
Most services may be conducted online. Please visit to apply online and/or for contact information for individual offices. Permits that can be applied for online include the following: A-Permits, B-Permits, E-Permits, R-Permits, S-Permits, U-Permits, Highway Dedication and Hillside Referral Forms.

LA Sanitation & Environment:
Low Impact Development (LID):
The LID counter will begin accepting new projects via email. Resubmittals and Verification of ongoing projects will be conducted using the special designated “Drop-off/Pickup” area that is monitored by the Department of Building and Safety. Please visit for additional information.

Industrial Waste Management:

All plan checking activities will be conducted using the special designated “Drop-off/Pickup” Continuity of Operations Plan for Development Services Centers (COVID-19) 4 area at 2714 Media Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90065. IWMD staff are overseeing the designated “Drop-off/Pickup” area.

Bureau of Street Lighting:
Recommends that all activities that can be conducted online be done that way.
For assistance with specific counters, please contact the individuals listed below:
Private development projects - Jay Wong at [email protected]
Technical records, remote monitoring nodes - Daniel Ordonia at [email protected]
Assessment engineering - Ruben Flamenco at [email protected]
Public counters are currently closed, please call the numbers below for assistance:
Tree Related Permits: 213-847-3077  Street Use/Sidewalk Vending Permits: 213-847-6000

Parking enforcement has been relaxed for posted street sweeping routes. However, please comply with other, temporary parking restrictions, in order to avoid being ticketed or towed--they are needed for other important StreetsLA work that is being done to continue to improve our neighborhoods, such as street resurfacing, sidewalk repairs, and tree trimming.

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