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This committee consists of the Treasurer and four (4) other stakeholders who may or may not be Board members, who shall be appointed by the Board. At least one (1) of the Committee members should be, but is not required to be, also a member of the Outreach Committee. The Budget and Finance Committee:

--Meets at least once per month.
--Is chaired by the STNC Treasurer.
--Contains no more than five (5) Board members, so that a majority of a quorum of the Board will not be present at its Committee meetings.
--Investigates and pursues sources of income and funding for the STNC.
--Generates a financial plan for each electoral term, showing planned income and expenditures.
--Keeps the plan current and issues reports to the Board.

A quorum for a Budget and Finance Committee meeting consists of three (3) members, including at least one (1) Board member. At least three (3) votes in favor or three (3) votes against an issue are required to achieve consensus. The Budget and Finance Committee takes direction from the Board and presents recommendations to the Board, but makes no decisions for the Board. It is responsible for implementing the details of the policies and directives set for it by the Board. It is the responsibility of the Chairperson of the Committee to set meeting times and agendas and to assign duties to the Committee members in order to implement these policies and directives.

Bylaws:  Article VII, Section 1, C. - August 2018

Current Members of the STNC Budget Committee:
Ed Babakhanian*, Treasurer & Budget Committee Chair
Sandy Capps
Pati Potter

*Board Members

Agenda posting and notifications in the Neighborhood Council System is in accordance with the Brown Act and Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Policy. Full description of the requirements here:



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Apr 25, 2014
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